Recent Projects - Apartment building / Condominium complex
Towle Whitney designs and builds variable speed booster pump systems for apartment buildings and condominium complexes of
all sizes. Some of our recent projects are listed below. A small description of each project specifies the parameters of plumbing
setup, the  basis for booster system design and the information regarding the system that was installed:
80 Unit Apartment Building - New York, NY
140 Unit Condominium Complex - Baltimore, MD
This 10 story apartment building in New York city, with 80 units
had marginal water pressure and installing a back flow preventer
lowered it even further, resulting in no water supply to the top few

Towle Whitney supplied a vertical duplex variable speed booster
system with high total dynamic head [TDH] delivering constant
high pressure on all floors including the top floor. The pumps
operate in a lead/lag sequence and the lead pump alternates
every 48 hours.

Model #          TW2000H-160G-60 Vertical Duplex
Pump HP        5HP each
Volume          160 GPM total
Boost              60 PSI
Identical Towle Whitney Duplex booster systems were installed in
both the buildings of a newly constructed condominium complex
when the supply pressure from the city proved to be inadequate.

Each system boosted the city pressure enough to supply
constant high pressure even on the top floors of the building.

Model #         TW2000S-220W-43 Duplex
Pump HP       5HP each
Volume          220 GPM total
Boost             43 PSI
169 Unit Condominium Complex - Portland, ME
The constant speed pump system originally installed in this
condominium complex in Portland, ME was breaking down
frequently.  The 15HP pumps were running 24/7/365 without any
significant water demand from the building, which was a
significant energy waste.

Towle Whitney designed a unique system with BMS compatibility,
lead/lag & alternation. The pumps have a soft start and stop,
which also eliminates spikes in electricity consumption. The
system delivers constant high pressure without the need of
operating at full RPM.

Model #         TW2000H-340W-30 Duplex
Pump HP       5HP each
Volume          340 GPM total
Boost             30 PSI
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