Commercial Booster Pump Systems
Towle Whitney specializes in building variable frequency drive booster pump systems for new commercial installations and
to replace old and antiquated constant speed systems. We provide complete pressure boosting solutions for Car washes,
Hotels, Schools, Hospitals, amusement parks, high rise buildings and much more. Our systems are accurately sized by our
expert booster system designers to deliver the required performance with the highest efficiency possible. We collaborate
with mechanical contractors, engineers and facility owners to design booster pump systems for a variety of applications.
Energy Efficient

The variable frequency drives enable the pump to operate at a
lower speed, resulting in significant energy savings.

Pump maintains CONSTANT pressure regardless of:
  • Varying water demand
  • fluctuating incoming pressure

Enables the pump to have a soft start/stop, which helps reduce:
  • Mechanical wear and tear
  • Electrical spikes
Laws of affinity: "If a pump operates with 20% lower speed, energy
consumption is reduced by 50%
when replacing an outdated
constant speed system. Energy savings are typically 70-90%.
  • Simplifies moving system into mechanical room
  • Built, programmed and tested in New Hampshire as a single unit
  • Shipped as a single unit
  • Can be taken apart to fit through 30" doorway.
  • Frames unbolt
  • Union Ball Valves / Flanged connections
  • Grooved couplings on larger manifolds
  • Wire harness stays intact
  • Easily re-assembled in mechanical room                
Modular Frame
Multi Booster Pump Systems Feature (lead / lag)
  • VFD drives are wired together as a network, so NO need for an expensive UL508 panel
  • LEAD booster pump ALTERNATES every 24 hours (field adjustable)
  • LAG booster pump(s) remain in standby and ramp up to meet demand
  • HOA capability on VFD drive
  • BMS Compatibility: Optional add-on modules available to connect the booster pump system
    to BMS using SCADA protocols like Modbus, Lonworks, etc..
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We Know you're in a hurry:
- We will evaluate your situation and supply submittals and pricing usually within two days.
- 80% of our systems are built, programmed, tested and shipped in a week.
VFD Booster system for every situation:
From a small 1/2 HP industrial process system to a 50 HP high rise system, we can build a system for you.
Before, during and after the installation:
We take your business seriously and will ensure that all your needs are addressed with the utmost care and responsibility. Our sales representatives, engineers
and technicians are excited to work with you and will assist with system design, installation guidance and after sales support.