Recent Projects - Industrial Process / Laboratory / Restaurants
Towle Whitney designs and builds variable speed booster pump systems for unique applications encountered in Industrial processes /
Laboratories / Restaurants of all sizes. Some of our recent projects are listed below. A small description of each project specifies the
parameters of plumbing setup, the  basis for booster system design and the information regarding the system that was installed:
Candy Factory - Cambridge, MA
A certain process at this candy factory in Cambridge, MA had
inadequate pressure to achieve the desired results. Since this
was an unexpected issue, there was not much room to
incorporate a large booster system on the factory floor.

Towle Whitney supplied a compact variable speed booster
system mounted on a flag frame. This system had a very small
footprint but at the same time supplied 70 GPM with up to 40 PSI
boost over existing pressure.

Model #                     TW1000-70W-40 Flag Frame
Pump HP                   2HP
Volume                      70 GPM total
Boost                         40 PSI
Mobile Laundry Truck - Hooksett, NH
A mobile laundry truck which travels to various places around the
country, that are struck by natural calamities, to help people do
laundry, came across the issue of inconsistent pressure at
various locations causing the machines to operate improperly.

Master plumbers and engineers at Towle Whitney designed a
unique simplex booster system mounted on a mobile frame. All
the necessary components were mounted on the frame itself.

Model #                     TW1000-150W-35
Pump HP                   5HP
Volume                      150 GPM total
Boost                         35 PSI
Country Club - San Fransisco
The country club had two separate water lines, one for the
kitchen, and the other for the club house.  Two independant
duplexes were installed to boost both areas.

Designers at Towle Whitney helped the enginners  design a
DUPLEX system that would take up a small amount of floor

Model #                     TW1000-60W-40
Pump HP                   1HP
Volume                      60 GPM total
Boost                         40 PSI
Chemical Plant - Chicago
The water company required a break tank because of the high
hazard.  A storage tank was installed under a stairwell, and a
vertical pump DUPLEX was custom designed to fit the space.

Designers at Towle Whitney designed the system to take the  
deliver 150gpm at 70psi to the plant (from zero pressure in tank)  

Model #                     TW2000-150G-70
Pump HP                   5HP
Volume                     150 GPM total
Boost                        70 PSI
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