Commercial Booster Pump Projects
Apartment building / Condominium complex
Office building / College dormitory / School
Laundromat / Car wash
Hospital / Medical / Dental
Other [ Industrial process / Labs/ Restaurant ]
Large Facilities [Manufacturing facility /
industrial plant / Army bases]
Towle Whitney specializes in building custom designed pre-packaged booster pump systems for a variety of applications using the
most advanced technology to eliminate complex and obsolete mechanical components that have historically been part of booster
systems. We collaborate with mechanical contractors, engineers and facility owners to design unique systems for a variety of
Most systems are custom designed based on the size of the
apartment building. Popular systems are of the HILO design
which caters to the large fluctuation in demand that occurs
throughout the day in an apartment building.
Laundromats and car washes need constant high pressure to
ensure all washing machines  and washing bays operate well; in
order to maximize productivity.
Systems are designed to handle the peak demand water
usage which is observed in these type of buildings during
certain periods of the day.
Systems are designed with 100%, occasionally 200%
redundancy to ensure uninterrupted high pressure water supply
to critical applications and can be connected to the building
management system for monitoring the system operation.
Medical equipment operates optimally with constant high
pressure. Systems are built with redundancy to ensure
uninterrupted water supply and have capability of being
connected to building management systems for monitoring
system operation.
Industrial processes, Laboratories and restaurants need
special pumping equipment to deliver a precise amount of
pressure at any given flow rate. Using a
variable frequency drive
allows us to control the delivered pressure at that flow rate.
Cooling Towers
Another special application where variable speed booster pump
systems provide a unique and energy efficient solution is
supplying high pressure water to evaporative cooling systems.
Constant high pressure is very important in achieving good
efficiencies from such systems.
Hotels are an ideal application for our variable speed systems.
The system provides a constant high pressure to rooms on all
floors, with significant energy savings. Systems are built with
100% redundancy to ensure there is no interruption in water
supply and the pumps used in this system have self lubricated
bearings which eliminate the need for periodic maintenance.
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