Digital / Electronic Mixing Valves

Launching February 2018
Newest ASSE-1017 Technology

For years, Heat-Timer has been using the latest digital / electronic sensing and controls to maintain constant (+/- 2F) discharge temperatures. Now, Heat-Timer is introducing complete systems: SIMPLEX: 1”, 1-1/4”, 1-1/2”, 2”. 2-1/2”, and DUPLEX: 3” and 4”.

Compact Designs

Because there is little room in the modern mechanical room, the ETS series (1” -2 “) is designed to fit into a small 18” x 26” area, so it can be placed against a wall, or tucked into a corner. Larger 3" & 4" duplex systems are 16" x 26".


Remove the safety cowling, and all of the components are easy to reach. And lots of unions make it simple to swap out parts.

Plug and Play

The ETS series is a complete system, so the contractor simply needs to plumb it (FNPT connections) and connect the 120V power.

Constant Circulation

To maintain a constant temperature, the NEW Electronic Tempering System (ETS) relies on a circulator pump to circulate water 24/7, and also relies on cold and hot water sensors.


In case of excessive temperatures, the system uses a solenoid valve (slow closing) to shut off the HOT water supply, thus minimizing chances of scalding. To protect the equipment, a safety cowling is standard.