Booster Pump Applications

Towle Whitney specializes in building custom designed pre-packaged booster pump systems for a variety of applications using the most advanced technology to eliminate complex and obsolete mechanical components that have historically been part of booster systems. We collaborate with mechanical contractors, engineers and facility owners to design unique systems for a variety of applications:

Apartment building / Condominium complex

We size our systems based on the number of units in the building, and in 15 years, we’ve never been wrong. Multi-family buildings only have about 4 hours of peak usage (2 hours in the morning, and 2 at night), so VFD controlled systems generate significant energy savings. Replacing existing systems can usually save 70%+ in energy. The big challenge: replacing a system with occupants in the building.


These systems are sized based on number of rooms, and number of restaurants. Large hotels typically are built with 100% redundancy (duplex) to ensure there is no interruption in water supply if a pump fails. Smaller hotels / motels often select a less expensive Simplex system.

Hospital / Medical / Dental

Medical and dental equipment operates optimally with constant high pressure. Systems are most often built with redundancy (duplex) to ensure uninterrupted water supply and have capability of being connected to building management systems (B.M.S/B.A.S) for monitoring system operation. The majority of water used in nursing homes is used in laundry and cafeteria.

Office Building

Our experience indicates that offices do not use a lot of water. Employees are just not coordinating trips to the lavatories. Let us know how many employees in your building.

water pump
Laundromat / Car Wash

Laundromats and car washes need constant high pressure to ensure all washing machines and washing bays operate well; in order to maximize productivity. Often, the supply piping to these facilities is undersized, which complicates the low pressure problem.


Like office buildings, schools also do not use lots of water. Kids typically don’t shower at school, and bathrooms are not used too much. Because of auditoriums and sporting venues, schools need to be analyzed on a case by case basis.

Industrial Buildings / Breweries / Food Processing

These process piping buildings require careful analysis, as the quick acting solenoid valves can change the demand in an instant (50-100gpm in a blink of an eye).