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Large Hotel, MA

Replacement duplex water pressure booster pump for large hotel.

Housed 161 hotel rooms, had their 10HP booster pump system fail on Thursday morning. Towle Whitney was called at 10am and was on the job at 2 PM. All of the needed components were in-stock at the shop, which resulted in a 24 hour turn-around, with delivery of a 5HP duplex booster system on Friday afternoon. The energy savings from the VFD controls and 5HP pumps of the newly installed system will pay for itself in full in approximately three years.

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Temporary Fiveplex, OH

1000 GPM multiplex water pressure booster pump system

A client needed a 1000 GPM system for temporary water. Due to this booster system being used for unknown future projects, the system design was broken up into a 15HP Duplex and 20HP Triplex. Towle Whitney had frames customized to accommodate the different pump heights. This system was completed and delivered to the customer in under two weeks. The customer is able to mount the system to a flatbed truck and transport the system around the US.

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Hotel, MA

VFD water pressure booster pump replacement for constant speed booster pump

This hotel had an old constant speed DUPLEX system, and both 5HP pumps were out of commission. A local university had graduation in a week, and the hotel could not use the top two floors, which meant considerable revenue loss ($20,000+)

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Telecommunications Building, NH

Quadplex booster pump system for cooling towers in major server building.

The conversion process from constant speed to VF drive not only improved the performance and cut operating costs, but allowed property owner to reduce 30HP to just 8HP.

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1 City Place, White Plains, NY

High volume water pressure booster pump system for a high rise luxury apartment building

1 City Place is a 35 story luxury apartment building located in downtown White Plains, NY. The building had a triplex constant speed water pressure booster system which was installed when the building was first built. This constant speed water pressure booster system was grossly oversized, equipped with three 25HP direct coupled multi stage centrifugal pumps. The control mechanism was very complex and included obsolete controls like a Hydraulic control valve, hot water recirculation system, pressure switches, cycle timers etc...

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