Cistern Booster Pump Systems

For above ground Cistern/storage tank applications.
Click on the Model number for details:

TW1000-10W-65 3/4 10 65 PSI
TW1000-20W-70 1 1/2 20 10 PSI
TW1000-30W-70 2 30 70 PSI

Power Options: 120V [Plug in - Non GFCI] for 3/4HP only 220V Single Phase

Different options for installing cistern / storage tanks:

Using an above ground storage tank to store water from city or a well.

Using standard water heaters to store water from city/well [not connected to power supply].
Water heaters are GREAT storage containers for various reasons:

  • Rated for potable water
  • Rated for pressure
  • Available in various sizes and relatively inexpensive
  • A breather valve eliminates the need for floats and meters
  • Very hygienic compared to open-to-atmosphere storage tanks

Depending on the application, multiple storage tanks can be used in parallel. These tanks are open to atmosphere and require a float shut off (no breather valve required).

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