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How The Gen 5 Water Booster Pump Can Mitigate Harmful Bacteria Buildup

Mitigate Harmful Bacteria Buildup With The Gen 5 Water Booster Pump

Stagnant water is a place where bacteria can fastly multiply, and cause people to fall sick if not taken care of. Most of the time the only reason people would have to flush their pipes is from water not moving after a few days of vacation. But recently, with the fall of COVID-19, businesses and buildings all over the world were shut down and idle. When hotels, schools, offices buildings, museums and more, were shut down and idle, that meant none of the water was running either. With stagnant water comes an increase in biofilm, amoebae, and bacteria, including legionella.

Where is This Most Common?

Thats easy! Mechanical Rooms. That means this is the first place to mitigate the problem. For example, one of the most commonly found issues inside a mechanical room is a single three inch RPZ (a reduced pressure zone device used to protect water supplies from contamination), in front of one and a half inch pumps. The result of this is slow flowing water, wasted floor space, wasted material and wasted installation labor. There has been evidence of stagnant water and bacteria like legionella for years inside strainers, gate valves and backflow preventers. 

But What is Legionella?

Legionella bacteria causes a type of pneumonia creating Legionnaires’ disease, which is very harmful to humans. People fall sick from legionella bacteria by breathing in the small droplets small enough to enter the lungs. This type of bacteria can grow in stagnant water and begin to spread in human-made water building systems. Some examples of this are

  • Large complex plumbing systems
  • Shower heads & faucets
  • Hot tubs
  • Cooling towers
  • Hot water tanks

How the Gen 5 Pump Can Help

Towle Whitney invented the revolutionary Gen 5 Water Booster Pump to mitigate this harmful bacteria. The Gen 5 Booster Pump combines RPZ’s and booster pumps on a standing single platform. Unlike other booster pumps, the Gen 5 by Towle Whitney provides water flow at a higher velocity through the two inch RPZs. Towle Whitney spared no expense by using the highest rated and best performing brands in the industry like Goulds Pumps, Grundfos, Victaulic and more. The water will go through the RPZs and flow into the crossover bypass manifold, where all of the water converges back together to feed the operating pump.

Benefits for Buyers of the Gen 5 Pump Include:

  • Ease of installation in the mechanic room
  • More space for architects when planning buildings
  • Can be tested without having to turn off the water pumps – which means in a residential building setting, residents will not need to be notified or inconvenienced. 
  • Less expensive due to less piping material, less installation labor and more floor space.
gen 5 water booster pump


The Gen 5 booster pump by Towle Whitney will mitigate biofilms, harmful bacteria and associated pathogens due to its increased velocity and performance. Now, RPZ testing is easy, and less of an inconvenience to all. The Gen 5 booster pump comes to start in a standard duplex size, for more capacity there is a Triplex, and for lots of pressure there is a vertical pump option. Towle Whitney continues to pride itself on growing and evolving alongside the industry it’s been a part of since 1994.