Specialized Water Pressure Booster Pump Systems

Over the last twenty years, we've designed many customer booster pump system configurations for specific industry needs.

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Gen 5 Booster Pump System

Save LOTS of Money and SPACE! Eliminate the UL508 panel and add two backflow preventers. No wasted space, no shut-downs for RPZ testing, no PLC and no UL508 panel. Only commercial grade components used, such as, the Grundfos CM/CR pump, Zurn/Wilkins RPZ and Yaskawa VFD.

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Penthouse Series

The Penthouse/Condo SERIES booster pump system is specifically designed for individual high-rise condominium units with low water pressure (whether supplied by roof top tanks or inadequate pumps). Frame stands on floor, and/or affixed to wall. Sound dampening material below and behind frame may be supplied by contractor. Pumps are identical, one pump for Hot Service, the other Cold Service. To simplify piping, hot/cold can run to either pump.

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Outdoor / Rooftop Booster Pump

TW1111 Series is designed for outdoor use in warm climate areas. These systems are built using stainless steel centrifugal pumps and NEMA 4X drives, which come mounted on durable powder coated 12-gauge steel strut with integrity and strength in mind. These ratings make the system able to withstand rain and sun (needs to be protected from freezing).

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Vertical Booster Pumps

Our vertical multi-stage booster pump systems are designed for high pressure and/or high flow applications. Most often used in high-rise buildings such as hotels, hospitals, multi-family buildings, and manufacturing facilities.

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