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Systems designed to your specific low water pressure situation
Enjoy the shower you deserve

Get constant high pressure regardless of the number of faucets, showers or appliances running at the same time.

Save energy!

With a variable frequency drive, your pump will ramp up and down slowly according to water demand bringing down the energy consumption significantly.

Industrial grade components

The centrifugal pump, variable frequency drive and all other components used in a Towle Whitney booster system are industrial grade ensuring long lasting and maintenance free operation.

Exceptional service

Talk to an expert every time you call. We will help size the right booster pump system for your needs.



I wanted to say a quick thanks to you and the Co. you work for.

Your help in walking me through the purchase decision was really helpful and greatly appreciated. I called around to quite a few places in shopping for new booster pump and Towle Whitney's customer service and knowledge was far and beyond any other distributor or company that I contacted. Although the pump was cost much than the others I compared to, the customer service was not only helpful information, but for me, it was also a reflection as to the company's products. I figured, a company with such dedication to customer services has to have just as much, if not more, of a commitment to the quality of their products. Sean, your help really made the purchase decision easy.

As for the pump that you're team put together and sent out. It's been installed and it was relatively simple and is up an running. I wanted to share with you a few observations.

1. Size - This pump is significantly smaller without the large tank I had on my older pump, which is really nice for both space and appearance.

2. Noise and vibration - The old pump was loud and you could hear the thing throughout the house when it was running. The noise was just something we became accustomed to. This pump is insanely quiet. The little bit of noise that does come from it makes it sound like a tiny jet engine and it sounds kinda awesome! I have to go to the basement to hear it and there is no noise throughout the house and the silence is bliss!

3. Consistent pressure - The range of pressure on the old pump was around 38psi to 66 psi. At the tap, you'd have decent pressure on the 3rd floor when at its peak, which would only be for a moment, and then was just really poor with anything less than the peak pressure. The shower pressure would drop way down when turning on a washer, and overall we became accustomed to the annoying pressure ranges. Now - constant high pressure, no matter what's being used and being flipped on or off. No drops, no surges!

Lastly, I know that a pump built for commercial needs is going to last for my purposes and that offers a bit of peace-of-mind.

Overall, I just can't say enough as to how this has improved the overall functionality of the house. I've disliked the water's fluctuating and low pressure in this house since we moved in and this pump has exceeded my hopes and expectations! I'm picky with about everything and obsess over details (wish I didn't but I do) and for a product to exceed expectations really says something. My neighbor has already come by and noted they'll be upgrading to Towle Whitney as soon as their pump is out.

You don't appreciate consistent and strong water pressure until you live without it for a bit, thanks to Towle Whitney for making a great products and quietly bringing it to this house!

Feel free to share this email as reference to any of those who are shopping for a better system than the junk sold on amazon or local stores.

With much appreciation,

Wayne Altheuser