Vertical Booster Pumps

triplex water pressure booster pump modular frame

Our vertical multi-stage booster pump systems are designed for high pressure and/or high flow applications. Most often used in high-rise buildings such as hotels, hospitals, multi-family buildings, and manufacturing facilities.

The vertical booster pump systems are equipped with centrifugal pumps regulated by a variable frequency drive that controls the pump operation to maintain constant pressure regardless of varying demand and fluctuation in incoming pressure. Both pumps operate in a synchronized manner to supply the specified flow and pressures.

The VFD drives will ALTERNATE the lead pump every 24 hours of run time. The 2nd/3rd pump(s) will remain in standby until needed. System is built on a MODULAR painted steel frame for ease of transportation and installation. The modular frame is also designed to separate one module from another to allow the system to be moved through tight spaces. Each system comes with its own properly sized expansion tank and the industries best 3-year warranty!

Triplex water booster pumps used for high flow or high pressure situations.
Features and Benefits
  • Cast Iron & Stainless Steel Pumps Energy Efficient Operation
  • Pre-wired & Factory Tested
  • Modular Design
  • Plug-and-Play Installation
  • Union End Shut-off Valves
  • Lead, Lag, and Alternation Programmable Variable Frequency Drive
GPM Total
PSI Boost
TW1000V-20G-100 3 20 100
TW1000V-20G-200 5 20 200
TW1000V-100G-100 10 100 100
TW2000V-200G-100 10 200 100
TW2000V-270G-140 15 270 140
TW3000V-210G-80 5 210 80
TW3000V-280G-100 10 280 100
TW3000V-420G-85 15 420 85