Triplex Booster Pump Systems

Triplex booster pump systems ranging from 210 GPM to 360 GPM. Custom designed systems are also available.
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TW3000H-210W-50 3 ea 210 50 PSI 3"
TW3000H-360W-40 5 ea 360 40 PSI 4"
TW3000H-300G-100 7.5 ea 300 100 PSI 4"

The HILO Booster Pump System Concept

What is a HILO Booster System?

It consists of high HP main pump[s] and a low HP jockey pump. It is designed for applications which experience a large variation in water demand.

Sequence of operation

The low HP jockey booster pump always starts first and handles all the off-peak demand [which exists during most part of the day and night]. The main pump[s] turn ON only when the demand peaks, thus exceeding the capacity of the low HP Jockey pump.


HILO is a niche product, and most often a TRIPLEX is a better choice. The HILO concept can be applied under certain circumstances:

  • Mansions - High end luxury homes with elaborate sprinkler system
  • Hospitals
  • Industrial complexes

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