From commercial applications (hotels, condos, laundromats and more) to water booster pumps for homes, Towle Whitney has been an innovator in the design and engineering of solutions to solve low water pressure issues for more than 25 years.

Water Booster Pump Designs for Every Situation

Do you have low water pressure from the city main?
Are you unable to meet pressure requirements at peak demand times?
Specifying a cost-saving alternative to constant speed pumps?

Whatever the water pressure issues you’re faced with, we have a solution. With our simplex, duplex and triplex pump systems, either with an in-stock model or a custom-built system, we solve low water pressure issues.

compact over under water pressure booster pump system
Commercial Water Booster Pumps
We specialize in building variable frequency drive commercial booster pump systems for new installations and to replace old and antiquated constant speed systems. Learn more about our commercial booster pump systems.
modular and large flag frame water pressure booster pump
Residential Water Booster Pumps
You deserve a great shower. Get constant high pressure regardless of the number of faucets, showers or appliances running at the same time. We'll help you choose the perfect booster pump system for your home.
Customer Service from Experienced Booster Pump Professionals

When you call us, you talk to a live person – someone who understands your challenges. We’ve gotten our hands dirty, we know what you need when you get into a mechanical room.

We collaborate with mechanical contractors, engineers, architects, as well as facility owners to trouble shoot problems and find solutions, sometimes right over the phone that day.

We evaluate your situation and supply submittals and pricing typically within 48 hours and 8 out of 10 systems are built, programmed, tested and shipped within 1 week!