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The Importance of Water Booster Pumps for Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings rely heavily on water for daily operations, from flushing toilets to cooling systems to maintaining indoor and outdoor landscaping. However, water pressure in many municipal systems may not always provide adequate water flow for these tasks. That’s where water booster pumps come in to boost water pressure and ensure that water is supplied to various flows across a commercial building. If you own or operate a commercial building, it is high time you invested in a water booster pump. 

What are Water Booster Pumps?

A water booster pump is a device that increases the water pressure in a plumbing system of a building. It gets its name from the fact that it ‘boosts’ the existing pressure that originates from the municipal water supply. Typically, water booster pumps are installed below or inline a water storage tank and can either be a single pump or a series of two or more pumps working in parallel. They work by increasing the pressure using an impeller, which pushes water through pipes at a higher rate of flow, making it possible to achieve adequate water pressure.

Why Are Water Booster Pumps Necessary?

One of the primary benefits of water booster pumps is that they allow for consistent water pressure throughout a commercial building. They are particularly instrumental in ensuring uninterrupted water supply in multi-story buildings. The municipal water supply is also not always capable of supplying sufficient water pressure to buildings with a high demand for water. This can cause problems such as low water pressure, delays, water flow disruption, and equipment damage. A water booster pump solves these problems and ensures that you have sufficient water pressure throughout the building.

How Do Water Booster Pumps Function?

As we mentioned earlier, a water booster pump contains an impeller, which is essentially a spinning wheel with blades. The water flows into the pump, and as it does, the impeller rotates, causing water to be pushed out of the pump and into the plumbing system. The faster the impeller spins, the higher the water pressure. Some pumps may have a controller that adjusts the speed of the impeller to regulate the water pressure, so the flow remains consistent despite changes in demand.

Differences between Commercial and Residential Water Booster Pumps

While the concept of the pump is the same, a commercial Water Booster Pump is different from its residential counterpart in some ways. Commercial water pumps are larger and more powerful than their residential counterparts since they must accommodate more water flow. In addition, commercial water booster pumps are typically more durable and have higher lifespans to withstand heavy usage. Lastly, depending on the needs of a given building, commercial Water Booster Pumps may come with a range of unique features such as adjustable speed drives, backup power sources and advanced control panels.


Water booster pumps are essential for commercial buildings that require a steady flow of water. They ensure a continuous supply of water throughout buildings, even when demand is high. These devices work by increasing the water pressure and have several benefits for commercial building owners, including preventing damage to equipment and delays in operations. Before investing in a commercial Water Booster Pump, it is important to evaluate the needs of your building and consult an expert, like Towle Whitney. Proper installation and regular maintenance will ensure your pump runs efficiently for years to come. Make the right decision today and get yourself a water booster pump; you won’t regret it.

If you have any further questions or concerns about booster pumps, consult with Towle Whitney to get the support you need to make an informed decision.