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Triplex Water Booster Pumps

Solving Low Water Pressure for Office Buildings, Large Apartment Buildings and More

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Triplex Booster Systems ranging from 120-400 GPM. Great for multi-family buildings, condos, schools, hospitals, office buildings, hotels, and more.

Triplex Booster Pump Systems are equipped with centrifugal pumps regulated by variable frequency drives that control the pumps to maintain constant pressure regardless of varying demand or fluctuating incoming pressure.

Triplex booster pump systems are designed to lead, lag, and alternate every 24 HRS of run time. This ensures even wear between each pump. In the event one pump cannot maintain the pressure, the second pump will turn on to assist.

The models below are a small sample of our available systems. Please call or email for more available options, or provide us with the desired pressure needed. Custom design options are also available.

Options available: NEMA 4x, BACnet modules, Modbus TCP/IP Modules, EtherNet/IP Modules, and more.

Towle Whitney Triplex Water Pressure Booster Pump System

Creative design for cost savings 38” wide x 36” deep.

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Additional Benefits


3 Year Warranty

We have confidence in our systems to provide the best warranty in the industry.


Plug & Play

With our systems all you have to do for installation is plug them in & you're ready to go.

Call Towle Whitney To Size a Booster Pump System


Before, during, and after the sale, we're here to help you and ensure efficiency.

Clean, quiet and environmentally friendly


These systems stop and start at 50% standard power, they are energy efficient.

Our Booster Pump Systems are quiet


Because nobody wants to hear a noisy pump. Our pumps run quietly.

We Provide Products All Across The USA

Below is a list of 15 towns we ship our products too, but we will ship and help service the entire United States!

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