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Revolutionizing Booster Pump Systems: The TW2018W Series Case Study

Wall mounted booster pump

In the bustling atmosphere of the ASPE Tech symposium in Seattle, Washington, Towle Whitney Booster Pump Systems found themselves engaged in an enlightening conversation with a seasoned engineer. Known for their Gen5 and Over under booster pump systems, the engineer expressed a common concern: mechanical rooms were shrinking, and there was a growing need for even more compact solutions. Responding to this challenge, Towle Whitney embarked on a journey of innovation, culminating in the birth of the TW2018W series.

After returning to their office, Towle Whitney wasted no time in brainstorming and sketching out ideas for a smaller booster pump package. A collaborative effort ensued, involving extensive discussions and feedback sessions with the engineer. The result was a revolutionary design that not only met the engineer’s requirements but also incorporated user-friendly features such as simplified spec sheets for pump selection.

The TW2018W series quickly proved its worth when a customer from Hawaii faced an unexpected dilemma. Despite approving Towle Whitney’s standard TW2018T system for a large project, the mechanical room’s constrained dimensions posed a challenge. With ingenuity and efficiency, Towle Whitney presented the new Wall series as a perfect solution, alleviating the customer’s concerns and garnering widespread appreciation from all stakeholders involved.

What followed was a cascade of success stories, with the TW2018W series being specified in multiple projects across the United States. Engineers praised its versatility, ease of installation, and compatibility with various applications. Within a month, Towle Whitney received inquiries and requests for quotes, signaling the beginning of a new era in booster pump technology.

With the ability to be mounted on any wall and equipped with floor mounting brackets for added flexibility, the TW2018W series offered unparalleled convenience and adaptability. Available in a range of pump sizes from ½ HP to 4HP, it catered to diverse project requirements with ease.

This case study exemplifies Towle Whitney’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. By swiftly addressing evolving needs and delivering tailor-made solutions, Towle Whitney sets itself apart as a leader in the industry, with the TW2018W series standing as a testament to their ingenuity and dedication.

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