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8 Reasons We Depend on Yaskawa VFD’s


Take care of your client’s bottom line by avoiding “extras” that add cost, but provide little benefit:

  1. Superb Support
  2. Quality, Quality, Quality
  3. Lots of options
  4. Easy to program
  5. Easy to network
  6. Great inventory = Fast Fill Rates
  7. High Temperature Ratings
  8. Clients request Yaskawa

1) Superb Support

When we switched our water pressure booster pump controls to Yaskawa Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s), Bob Twohill was invaluable, as he was very patient with us as we learned all about the Yaskawa VFD’s. Yaskawa did not miss a step when Jordan Engle took over our territory. As an electrical engineer, not only does Jordan help us with odd questions, but he understands pumps inside and out. The factory personnel are always helpful, and any troubleshooting is handled promptly.

2) Quality, Quality, Quality

Out of the box, they’re a winner.  Nobody here can remember the last quality issue in the last seven years.  And Yaskawa spends a ridiculous amount on packaging, so nothing ever gets damaged. 

3) Lots of Options:

We use three different VFD’s, depending on the client, application, etc.

iQ1000: When we first started with Yaskawa in 2013, we cut our teeth on the iQ1000. It’s a robust VFD, full of more features than we usually need, including complete BMS/BAS modules (BACnet, Modbus, etc.).  But what we found is most clients don’t need all of the bells and whistles of a complete BMS/BAS card. 

iQ Micro: The Micro has all of the parameters that our clients usually need, and includes digital and analog outputs to satisfy basic BMS/BAS requirements.  The smaller sizes are small, so you don’t want any fat fingers on the production line.

NEMA-4: We build a lot of systems for outdoor use, so the NEMA-4 Micro was a great addition to the line.  

4) Easy to Program

The parameter numbering scheme is consistent throughout the three different VFD’s, which makes programming and troubleshooting easy. And with 100’s of parameters, we can fine tune most systems over the phone.

5) Easy to Network

The ability to network multiple VFD’s (red arrow) provides our clients:

  • Huge savings by eliminating the PLC and UL508 panel.
  • Equal pump “wear and tear” when scheduled on 24-hour run-time alternation.
  • Ability for each VFD to read other 4-20mA transducers on “network”, in the case of a pump’s failed transducer.

6) Great Inventory = Fast Fill Rates

Yaskawa usually delivers in 2-3 days, which makes me wonder why we have so much inventory. But our clients demand 208/1, 208/3, and 480/3 systems, and sometimes we need to ship NEXT DAY, so we need to be able to turn-around orders quickly

7) High Temperature Ratings

Speaking of the NEMA4-Micro, our outdoor roof-top units usually end up in very hot climates (Phoenix, Yuma, Las Vegas, LA).  A 104°F (40°C) rating won’t cut it, but Yaskawa VFD’s give us the ability to de-rate the VFD all the way up to 122°F+ (50°C). And sometimes we need a high rating for a hot mechanical room.

8) Clients request Yaskawa

Yaskawa VFD’s are designed specifically for pumps, and people are starting to catch on. So it’s not surprising that we have clients call and specify Yaskawa VFD’s! 


We have enough confidence in Yaskawa that it’s the ONLY VFD we use on our multi-plex systems. Unfortunately, when customers require other name-brand VFD’s, we usually walk from the job. It’s not that we don’t want the business; there are a lot of really good VFD’s in the market. It’s the fact that we’ve built our business on exceptional customer service. So when we have to troubleshoot a call, we need to know the VFD forwards and backwards. Even if it’s a Friday night, or Sunday morning, or holiday; we need to have the confidence in our troubleshooting, even without a manual.

Thank you, and for more information: Call or Email Towle Whitney today.