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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Although the Towle Whitney website does offer an entire page of FAQ’s we thought we could touch base to them in a blog post as well! Lately we have been hearing lots of troubleshooting stories and want our customers to have access to all the information they could possibly need! Whenever you give Towle Whitney a call, you ALWAYS talk to a real person. That is something our company has always been extremely proud to deliver. We don’t want to waste any of your time when a situation arrises, we are here for you when you need us. Give us a call today for any troubleshooting question you may have that is not listed below.

As much as possible about building and hydraulics: • Type of building: Multi-family, office, dorm, etc. • Number of units, employees, etc. • Size and material of incoming pipe • Incoming Pressure • Height of building

Yes, the simplex pumps are industrial grade systems, and can be used for industrial piping, or a home.

We’ve found most existing systems are super-sized, so installing the same size booster is probably a mistake. All the info above will be appreciated to properly size the new system?

Typically, anything in the path can cause issues, such as a clogged strainer, undersized filter or water softener, clogged Pressure Reducing Valve, gate valve that’s not fully open, galvanized pipe, etc.

No, the VFD is programmed here, so the systems are plug-and-play. In some circumstances, adjustments will need to be made.

Yes, all of our boosters are warrantied for three years.

PEX is complicated, so please give us a call.

Systems are all lead free. Components are MA approved, and electrical is UL approved.

Submittal and pricing proposals are typically done in two business days. 80% of systems ship in two weeks (exception: vertical pumps).

Simplex are shipped UPS, and multiplex on LTL common carrier. 24 hour notification will usually add 1-2 days and additional cost.

Yes, we gladly accept both. Payments are required prior to system build.

Because these systems are programmed and tested here, start-up can be done by the installing contractor.

No, we only build them, but we are here to provide assistance when needed. A local contractor can service the system.

Yes, but verify with us first. If we have the proper pipe size up front, we’ll be happy to build the system with the correct size.

Yes, our standard systems use NEMA1 VFD’S, which need to be protected like a desktop computer. For outside / wet environments, NEMA4 VFD’s are available.

All our multi-plex systems (duplex / triplex) are supplied with the necessary check valves and ball valves. Simplex systems have check valves, but are NOT supplied with ball valves.

Yes. But it’s easier if we build the system with the manifolds properly oriented left or right.

Yes, it’ll be listed on page 2 of the submittal package.

The VFD’s will shut the pumps down if the suction pressure drops too low.

Absolutely, please call to discuss, as we want to provide our clients with the best value.

Yes. Directions are in IOM, or call the office for help.

Generally, keeping the system CLEAN is the best maintenance, and checking that the fans are working. Sometimes the pump shaft may get “squeaky”, which is easily solved with a good lithium or Teflon grease (not WD40!)


A fault will stop the pump; an alarm will NOT stop the pump. Take a picture of the display window before turning off the power. Sometimes simply turning off/on the power will clear the problem. If not, please call.


This can be caused by thermal expansion (typically at night), or if the discharge pressure is too close to the suction pressure. For example, if the suction pressure is 60psi, and the setpoint is 65psi, the pump will not have time to slow down, and the setpoint will be over-shot.

Yes, but it needs to be designed for this application.

Not generally, as the inside diameter will be greatly reduced. Exception: Uponor/Wirsbo PEX. Please call to discuss.


Yes, it will simply boost the water coming from the tank tee.

No, we require a “flooded suction” to our pumps.