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Commercial Booster Pumps for Florida

Commercial Booster Pumps for Florida

Hotel or apartment owner in Florida? Do you run a school? An amusement park? Car washes and laundromats! Is your water pressure consistent throughout these properties?


Florida is a state with ample amounts of tourist attractions and amenities including large hotels or AirBnBs as places to stay. In order to keep guests happy with their stay, water booster pumps are needed. When a guest stays for vacation the last thing they want is low water pressure. This can go for showers or even washing machines and dishwashers. This can also go for apartment residents as well, if your tenants in a large apartment complex in Florida complain about low water pressure, it is not something a landlord wants to constantly worry about. 


Depending on the size of the building, it will depend on the size of the water booster pump needed for that specific type of application. Another commercial application example needed for water booster pumps in Florida is for schools. Whether this is for an elementary school or a university, water needs to be able to have the same amount of pressure all throughout the building. Universities in Florida need to be able to contribute constant water pressure to residents that are living in the dorms. Schools in Florida, and other states, need booster pumps for bathrooms, showers and lawn irrigation systems as well.

Laundromat or Car Wash

Have you ever thought about the type of water pressure either of these industries need to stay operable? Most of the time booster pumps are needed for these types of applications because the city can not supply the water pressure demanded to run these systems. Especially in Florida, when it’s so hot and you just want a clean car!

car wash

Government Facilities

Military bases or government contractors in Florida acquire a booster pump to boost water for the showers in barracks and other environments where large amounts of water are needed with consistent water pressure.


So for commercial purposes of water booster pumps, this could include the drinking water in a school, the water supply in hotel rooms or bathrooms, or even the irrigation system in agriculture fields. All of these applications are larger and will need a booster pump to be able to distribute the water at the same time, at the same level of pressure. Towle Whitney provides booster pumps for all types of commercial applications needed in Florida.