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How To Increase Water Pressure in Your Vacation Home

How To Increase Water Pressure in Your Vacation Home or AirBnB

Since the global pandemic, it seems as though more and more people are purchasing real estate. Many of us dream of a larger summer home to vacation on most weekends, or to just escape the brutal winters. With that being said, there are multiple things to consider when wanting to increase the water pressure in your vacation home.

Larger Vacation Homes

For the luxurious home owners that have vacation homes with 12 or more bathrooms and/or bedrooms, a lack of water pressure can be quite the issue. A beautiful expensive home with a view, but a shower that is not strong enough for guests? Or, a leaky low pressure faucet that doesn’t run efficiently and effectively while trying to entertain? These things just don’t go together. It’s pretty simple when it’s all broken down, a larger home will use more water. This is even more important to acknowledge when these larger homes have not been occupied in a longer amount of time. It could be due to the recent pandemic that your vacation home is not getting as much use, or simply you just haven’t been able to get there in a while.

Cast Iron Vs Stainless Steel

It is best for vacation homes to use stainless steel pumps rather than cast iron. Stainless steel works great under high pressure water situations, and if you are thinking of installing a booster pump, the pressure involved inside the pipes will rise. Stainless steel pumps resist the chance of distortion and rust flaking over time. When cast iron pumps begin to flake rust particles, this is what eventually leads to water blockages. Water blockages are another known culprit which causes water pressure to go down inside the plumbing system. Another plus to stainless steel is the weight is far less than the cast iron material, making it easier to install or replace for booster pump technicians.

The Solution

Most of the time people think installing one booster pump for their large vacation home will be the answer to all of their problems. But this is not always the case! Usually one large booster pump ends up being extremely loud and problematic for homeowners. This is where Towle Whitney’s Duplex Water Booster comes in. The Duplex Booster is perfect for larger homes, boutique hotels and more. The duplex offers two smaller pumps working together which produces a much quieter pumping experience inside the house. The two pumps are designed to alternate every 24 hours to maintain the perfect constant pressure for your vacation home. Additionally the two pumps working together will even the wear and tear on the system to prolong the life of both of the pumps, rather than one pump working overtime. This way you, the homeowner, nor your guests will hear any loud water systems while trying to relax in your vacation home.


With more people purchasing vacation homes or renting second homes out to AirBnB goers, sometimes things can go wrong as our property gets older or used more often. It is a great idea to look into a booster pump, check out signs you might need to install one here. Stainless steel pipes are a great option for a vacation home that is not occupied as often. Towle Whitney is dedicated to fixing problems for the everyday home and business owners, in this instance, the Duplex Booster by Towle Whitney is the perfect opportunity for water pressure issues inside large vacation homes.