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How to Know Which Water Booster Pump is Right For You

Low water pressure can be very frustrating, and most of the time your low water pressure has nothing to do with a degradation of your house or buildings plumbing. 

Thankfully, there is a solution – water booster pumps. There are many factors to consider when looking into a solution for your low water pressure. In our previous post we covered some helpful ways to check for low water pressure, and we touched on what some of the root causes of low pressure are. When it has been identified that you do have a water pressure problem, it is time to look into water booster options. However, not every system is right and when it comes to determining which system is best for you, your use case is the biggest factor to keep in mind. An apartment complex has different usage than a single family home on town water – there is not one system that solves all water pressure issues regardless of the application. Below you will find the variety of water booster pumps, and the specific use cases for each one.

1. Individual home and small business

For a single family home, or a small business using city water, the solution to low water pressure can be found in our simplex water booster pumps. These pumps are designed for quick and easy installation, and provide a solution for the majority of individual homeowners and small businesses. They are designed to be energy efficient, quiet, and ensure increased water pressure in a cost-effective manner. These simplex systems are plug and play.

2. Duplexes, condos, schools and hotels

Plumbing starts to get a lot more complicated when you’re talking about large buildings that facilitate a multitude of people using the same water. Thankfully, the solution to low water pressure in these buildings is not complicated, our duplex and triplex water booster pumps are designed specifically for these types of buildings. Having consistent and energy-efficient plumbing becomes more important than ever when you start dealing with the sort of water usage of these types of buildings, and our systems are built with this efficiency in mind.

3. High-rises, hotels, multi-family homes, hospitals

High-rise buildings present unique water pressure problems. The constant variance in the amount and location of water pressure can cause headaches when low water pressure starts to affect the entire building. Our vertical booster pumps are designed specifically for high rise buildings. Similar to all of our multiplex system, consistent water pressure by rotating the lead pump every 24 hours is provided, while leaving the other two in reserve. This is perfect for the types of situations you find in high rises where there is a great deal of variance in the usage and pressure load during the day. This type of rotating strategy also prolongs the life of these systems.

There are other unique solutions when it comes to buildings with a number of floors. An example of this is having pumps on the ground level, and then another set of pumps halfway up the building.

4. Individual penthouse units

If you live in the penthouse of a high-rise building, there’s a strong likelihood that your water pressure isn’t as strong as the lower level units. For this use case, we developed the penthouse water booster series. It is designed to be convenient, quiet, and easy to install. This unit has dedicated hot and cold water pumps but can be used for both in order to simplify plumbing and make this unit fit for any and all individual unit solutions. 

5. External/Rooftop

In warmer climates, or in situations where you have an outdoor tank on the roof, an external pump might be needed. These pumps are much more durable than regular water boosters as they have to deal with weather elements. The Towle Whitney outdoor pumps are designed specifically for durability and reliability in order to stand up to harsh weather conditions and keep functioning perfectly. 

As mentioned earlier, the right water booster pump system is specific for your situation and application. Towle Whitney offers a diverse product set that is capable of increasing water pressure for essentially any building, commercial or residential. Our team of experienced staff members can work with you to understand what your needs are and we will provide you with the necessary recommendations.

All of our booster pumps come with an industry leading three year warranty so that you can have the peace of mind of knowing that your water pressure is not at risk.